Refuse the mundane, the artificial, the unconscious patterns that we allow our lives and our intimate relationships to become. Fundamentally, how you show up in intimacy and embody your sexuality is reflected in all other areas of your life. Challenge yourself to live from your heart and lean into the intensity of living, remaining open and relaxed no matter how challenging life gets. Instead of seeking to escape from undesired situations and emotions, locate your depth of being within, and discover what authentic freedom is.

Christopher draws upon decades of practice and study under masters of tantric yoga and Buddhist meditation. He is inspired by and has studied with David Deida, Sofia Diaz, Reggie Ray, and Will Johnson. Christopher teaches people how to tune in and trust their somatic awareness, reclaiming passion and life energy, and creating intimate relationships that deepen in love and chemistry over the years. His specialty is teaching techniques focused on listening to the wisdom of the body, learning to masterfully navigate intimate relationships, bypassing unconscious and unwanted behaviors to make room for explosive, limitless physical and spiritual connection. He reveals how the practice of conscious intimacy and sex can be a profound sacred practice that awakens, revives, and deepens relationship, empowering individual purpose and integrity.

Christopher offers private coaching to individuals and couples as well as workshops and retreats. He also produces Intensives for David Deida. Prior to coaching he was an international project manager responsible for over a billion dollars in revenue, a medical device engineer with seven patents, and a ceramic artist. He has raised four children, two of his own, including one who has significant disabilities. He lives in Boulder, Colorado and Molokai, Hawaii with his wife Karlene.