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5-Day Private Intensive for Men, Women, and Couples with David Deida

Join David Deida for a  5-Day Private Intensive for Men, Women, and Couples 
September 23-29, 2019 in Crestone, Colorado. This is David's only 5-day Intensive for Men, Women, and Couples scheduled in 2019. 

Limited to 18 men and 18 women.

Scholarships are available for returning graduates applying before April 12, 2019.

If you are interested in joining David Deida for this 5-Day Private Intensive for Men, Women, and Couples, please request details and an application from the event sponsor, Christopher Sunyata at

You are invited to join David at this exclusive 5-Day Residential Intensive in the sacred lands of Crestone, Colorado--the ideal environment where consciousness, heart, and body are inspired to open wide.

Come dive deeply into new ways to live your sexuality as a profound and ecstatic yoga. Experience practices that enhance your heart's depth and presence, turning lovemaking into whole-body prayer and communion. With courage and care, you will bring light to the darkest places--opening body, heart, and mind as you cultivate unwavering consciousness and unbearable pleasure as portals for spiritual surrender.

Through David's unparalleled teachings and step-by-step personal guidance, you will learn about:

  • transforming chaotic emotions into conscious connection

  • offering anger as advanced sexual play

  • using words and silence to magnify love-desire 

  • growing from shared genital pleasure to mutual devotional worship

  • opening through grief and knowing love deeper than time

  • melting emotional wounds through sexual bliss

  • practicing solo and with a partner for deepening orgasm to god

  • understanding why your deepest sexual gifts are often capped by your most intense resistance

  • knowing how to relax through blocks in your sexual artistry

  • navigating the differences between men's and women's internal sexual circuitry

  • exploring why honest and respectful communication can be very different from heart-awakening sex-talk

  • breathing techniques to increase, decrease, and circulate sexual energy

  • designing a deeply personal sexual yoga practice, both solo and in partnership

  • loving while being rejected as a doorway to divine surrender

  • using your body as a vehicle for ecstatic dissolution

  • practicing ultimate lovemaking as unending vulnerability

  • understanding your heart's deepest spiritual desires by unfolding your darkest sexual desires

  • learning what turns on men and women--sexually and spiritually--and how to use these turn-ons for mutual spiritual growth

  • understanding the full range and spiritual possibilities of the different types of orgasm for men and women

This is the first time in years that David has offered a 5-Day Intensive for Men, Women, and Couples, and the only one he is scheduled to offer in 2019. This event will sell out.

Space is limited to 18 men and 18 women and available by application only, so we encourage you to apply early. Plan to arrive after 2pm for check-in, dinner, and orientation on Monday, September 23, and to depart the morning of Sunday, September 29.  Accommodations are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Scholarships are available for returning graduates applying before April 12, 2019.