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5-Day Private Men's Intensive with David Deida

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5-Day Private Men's Intensive

Join David Deida for a 5-Day Private Men's Intensive September 2-8, 2019 in Crestone, Colorado. 

This is David's only 5-Day Men's Intensive scheduled in 2019. 

Limited to 36 men.

Scholarships are available for returning graduates applying before March 29, 2019.

If you are interested in joining David Deida for this 5-Day Private Men's Intensive, please request details and an application from the event sponsor, Christopher Sunyata at

This September, join David Deida in the wild and expansive high desert mountains of Crestone, Colorado for his only Men's Intensive scheduled for 2019. In this exclusive 5-Day Residential Men's Intensive, a select group of men will gather together with David to receive step-by-step guidance toward the mastery of true life purpose and authentic tantric sexual practices, sourced in deep conscious presence.

Our gathering of men will receive David's groundbreaking teachings and personal instruction in:

  • navigating altered states, gain and loss of purpose, and sexual obsession

  • exploring the differences between your life's deepest and more surface purposes

  • outgrowing work, family, and relationships with integrity

  • accessing conscious presence under all financial, sexual, and emotional conditions

  • cultivating esoteric solo and partner sexual yoga practices assisted by trained female practitioners

  • gaining immediate access to the primal energy of your own deep being

  • learning how to give your true gifts while alive and into death

  • relaxing at play with your partner's emotions

  • standing sexual ground in consciousness

  • respecting fear to death

  • dealing with sexual attraction to many and to none

  • heart-pacing through tragic and inevitable karmic changes with family, friends, lovers, and colleagues

  • mastering finances to be free with and without direction

  • entering the spiritual portals of insomnia, depression, and meaninglessness

  • relaxing with the bliss and agony of no-purpose

  • recognizing your truth amidst emotional chaos

You are invited to join this Men's Intensive with David Deida within the Sangre de Cristo mountain range overlooking the expansive San Luis Valley -- the ideal environment where consciousness, heart, and body are inspired to open wide. Crestone, Colorado provides a pristine environment for deep, undisturbed, and undistracted spiritual and sexual exploration.
This is the only 5-Day Private Men's Intensive with David Deida that is scheduled in 2019. This Men's Intensive will sell out. (David will also be teaching a 5-Day Private Intensive for Men, Women, and Couples in Crestone, Colorado September 23-29, 2019.)
Space for this Men's Intensive is limited to 36 men and available by application only, so we encourage you to apply early. Plan your arrival for after 2pm on Monday, September 2 for check-in, dinner, and orientation, and your departure for the morning of Sunday, September 8. Accommodation choices are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Scholarships are available for returning graduates applying before March 29, 2019.
For more information and to apply, contact the event sponsor Christopher Sunyata at