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Deepening Intimacy - Tantric Practices for Men, Women, and Couples

  • Rudramandir 830 Bancroft Way Berkeley, CA United States (map)

Love and sexuality are at the core our primal life force. Love isn’t an idea or a thought or even a feeling - it powers the core of your being. The desire and drive to open through love and sex are palpable forces that can be conducted through your body and the world around you. Beyond just scratching the itch of sexual hunger, how can we channel and conduct this intensity in our lives and relationships? How can you widen your horizons of sensual delight while deepening who you are as a human being? How can you do this with safety and honesty, while navigating moment to moment changing cues from your partner?

Love and physical intimacy can be practiced, and deepened as a fulfilling art—few people actually work to expand their capacities in this area. Reading books, and watching videos is no substitute for actual practice with real partners. In this workshop you will learn through practices designed to stretch and grow your capacity to conduct pleasure and communicate love.

In this workshop you will:  

  • Experience how relaxing as you are, right now, frees you from the never-ending struggle for self improvement

  • Learn practices to direct and conduct sexual energy through your and your partner’s bodies using breath, consciousness, and relaxation

  • Embrace and embody Masculine and Feminine energies, regardless of gender - and learn which energies most open and turn on you and your partner

  • Learn how to transform perfunctory sex and masturbation into a sexual yoga practice 

  • Experience a taste of deep yogic sex through connected breathing - opening the body, heart, and soul

  • Discover how your turn-on is intimately linked to the root of spiritual awareness

  • Awaken the wisdom already present in your body. Learn how to access the intelligence within the heart, solar plexus, belly and genitals that drives deep yogic sex

  • Learn how to expand your capacity to feel and remain open and connected as love no matter how intense the pleasure or pain

  • Learn how to artfully express any emotion—anger, sorrow, fear, lust—with an open heart

Come practice with others who are also committed to growing and learning in true deep intimacy. Space is limited and available by application only, so we encourage you to apply early.

Early Bird Discount if Registering before April 30 - $775/couple & $395/single
After April 30 - $900/couple & $450/Single

Application required before your admission is confirmed. If not admitted your ticket price will be refunded in full.

This workshop is a safe place to practice and learn, whether you are single, married, or in relationship. All practices are done fully clothed. There is no nudity. The workshop is held in a supreme container of safety. This workshop is inclusive for all genders and sexual orientations, although we will be explicitly practicing with masculine and feminine energies.

Come to the introductory event “A taste of Deepening Intimacy” to find out more.