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Men’s Intensive with David Deida - Private Event in Crestone, CO

Join David Deida for a Private Men’s Intensive, September 3-9, 2018 in Crestone, Colorado.

This Residential Men’s Intensive is David’s only Intensive scheduled in 2018.

Limited to 36 men.

Scholarships are available for returning graduates applying before June 18, 2018.

If you are interested in joining David Deida for this Men’s Intensive, please request details and an application at

Private Men's Intensive with David Deida


I'm thrilled to invite you to an exclusive event with David Deida in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range of Crestone, Colorado, September 3-9, 2018. Our gathering will be guided step-by-step toward the mastery of true life-purpose and authentic tantric sexual practices, grounded in conscious presence.

Last year in Micanopy, Florida, I watched David take a group of men deeper into spiritual practice than I have ever experienced in my 20 years of study with him. Sessions often ran late into the night and included initiation into dream yoga, exploration of deep purpose, and esoteric solo and partner sexual yoga practices that he had never shared in workshops before. Transformations occurred, giving us immediate access to the primal energy of our own deep being.

Building upon that influential program he offered last year, I have worked with David to create an unparalleled Men's Intensive, his deepest offering for men yet. In preparation for this Residential Men's Intensive, David will be on solitary practice retreat prior to the event within the Sangre de Cristo mountains and the expansive San Luis Valley - the ideal environment where consciousness, heart, and body are inspired to open wide. Crestone, Colorado provides a pristine environment for deep, undisturbed, and undistracted spiritual and sexual exploration.

There are critical moments in time when the flow of your life can be influenced, like acupuncture points giving access to the flow of energies in the body, articulating a new time of life-change and awareness. This Men's Intensive is one of those moments. It is the only Intensive that David is scheduled to offer this year.

Come join us. Space is limited to 28 men and available by application only. Plan your arrival for check-in, dinner, and orientation on Monday, September 3, and your departure for the morning of Sunday, September 9, 2018. 

Scholarships are available for returning graduates applying before June 18, 2018.

Fellowships are available for full-time monks. If interested, please inquire.

I am excited to be offering this unique Men's Intensive with David, and hope that you will be able to join us.


Christopher Sunyata