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Masculine Depth - An Intensive Workshop for Men

  • Integral Center 2805 Broadway Boulder, CO, 80304 United States (map)

Unconfuse your body as a man - own how deep you need to be to survive these times.

 Depth of consciousness. Capacity for deep love. Deep sex. Imagine a deep inner peace and confidence no matter what your lover or the world throws at you. 

What are you communicating to others right now through your body?
What is the key thing in intimacy that determines how deep it can go?
What is deep yogic sex and how is it different from how most people experience sex?
How can you ignite the spark of attraction with someone and keep it burning hotter over time?  

In this intensive workshop, you will learn physical and energy-body practices which can immediately increase your depth and capacity.  Learn the foundational practices of sexual stamina. Learn how to thrive in intense life, work and family situations instead of collapsing or retreating. Reboot your life by tapping into the innate intelligence of the body. After the workshop you can continue using these practices to cultivate depth and power in the areas of consciousness, love, sex, inner peace and confidence.

Depth is not just steadiness and stability when under fire. Depth enables sex to be much much more than “thrust, thrust, squirt, snore.”  Deep yogic sex can reveal your true potential for bliss and love in human form - it may even reveal who you are after you die. Christopher teaches the foundational practices for men’s sexual yoga which can be used throughout your whole life, whether you are single, or in relationship. Sexual energy is LIFE energy - energy you can access to engage powerfully in your career, in your family, sports, and all your relationships.

Sexual Mastery

How is deep sex different from what is most often portrayed in porn? In what ways is it actually similar to many men’s fantasies that are depicted in porn? How can you bring what you most want to try sexually into your bedroom and not collapse in fear or squirt right away from too much excitement? Do you know the different kinds of orgasms that are possible for women and men?

A masterful lover is always learning. In this workshop you will be able to ask your most pressing questions about sex. You will learn the basic practices to develop your own multi-orgasmic potential, and why it is important to consciously choose whether you ejaculate or not during sex. You will also learn about the anatomy of women’s deeper arousal and practical information about the wide variety of possible orgasms for women: clitoral, G-spot, cervical, squirting, and anal - just to name a few possibilities. Sex however, is much much more than just chasing orgasms - Christopher will teach you about deep sex, what it is, and why you would want to practice it, and how it can be a foundation of lasting intimacy.

Intimacy & Polarity

Sex is much more than physical intercourse. Sexual polarity, the energized arc of attraction between people, is an art that can be learned and practiced. It is possible to keep long term relationships vital and hot - deepening in sexual chemistry over time. This is the opposite of what normally occurs in most relationships when familiarity and comfort seem to replace the initial spark of attraction. You will learn the foundation practices in how to stimulate, deepen, and maintain polarity in relationships.

Embodied Depth

You will learn physical and energetic practices to deepen your presence, and access your core power. How do you become the calm eye in the center of the hurricane? Learn how to maintain steadfastness in times of crisis and stress through yogic practice. Learn how to access the depth of love, which is your authentic core.

Imagine your intimate partner, your children, your boss or coworker, insulting you, emoting and raging at you, but you are calm, resting as open consciousness. You smile. They cannot push you off center or pull you into their drama. If you remain heart-connected to them, engaged with feeling and breath, yet remain deeply connected to your still inner depth, then your response - if one is needed at all - will be much different than if you were hooked by their energy, reactivity, and threats.  A man who can remain grounded in his inner being, while also fully present in relationship is free.  He is the man that will be respected, loved, and devotionally honored. You can learn how to be this man of depth and access your authentic core as deep embodied consciousness.

Are You Man Enough? What is Masculine?

We all have both feminine and masculine parts of ourselves.  Like the Taoist concepts of yin and yang, feminine and masculine are energies that can be expressed through our bodies. Gender roles have thankfully opened up to allow for all kinds of personal expression. Masculine depth is NOT about reinforcing old stereotypes of what a man “should” be like. Masculine Depth is not false macho posturing or egoic bravado. No longer does someone have to pretend to be something they are not in order to fit into narrow perceptions of what is “appropriately” masculine or feminine. Masculine Depth is about discovering your authentic self, and accessing your own power and truth in living from your core, as you are right now. Men of all sexual orientations can benefit from this training and are welcome to attend. An agile modern man can learn to artfully embody love, light, and surrender as well as structure, direction, and purpose.


Why are you here on earth? What must you do before you die in order to feel complete? In the crucible of physical practice and heart-open feedback from other men, you will discover and sharpen your own life purpose. You will learn how fear plays a valuable role in pursuing your life's deepest purpose, and you will learn practices that will support you throughout your life journey.


You will learn both ancient and contemporary mediation practices that will sharpen your presence, deepen your consciousness, and amplify your masculine energy. Gain control of your inner world and learn how to make mind your servant instead of your petulant inner teenager.

Energy Training

You will learn how to move and manipulate subtle energy through breath, movement and consciousness. Christopher translates ancient esoteric practices into practical exercises which expand your depth and capacity to conduct life force in all areas of your life. These energies are real, they can be felt and experienced by you, your lover, your family and the world.


Masculine Depth is a workshop for you if…  

You want to access inner peace and confidence in any situation
You want to fearlessly pursue your deepest purpose in life
You want to increase your sexual attractiveness
You want to deepen your consciousness and personal power
You want to find your own authentic masculine core
You want to embody more presence, depth, and energy
You want to become a masterful lover
You want to learn how to access your own multiple orgasmic capacity
You want to develop subtle energy awareness and learn how to direct and use it

Friday March 31 Doors open at 6:30pm event runs 7:00PM-10:00PM,
Saturday & Sunday April 1 & 2,  11:00AM – 10:00PM
Dress: Comfortably for Movement
Bring: Water in a closed container 

I’ve brought along a deep ally to help with this workshop:
Jason F. Smith